Wrong Site Surgical Negligence Claims

If you believe that surgeons, nurses, and anaesthetists have made mistakes in your treatment, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim.

Operating on or treating the wrong part of the body is known as a ‘never event’ in the NHS as it should never have occurred under any circumstance.  However mistakes do happen and between April 2021 – February 2022, 171 patients received treatment to the wrong part of the body.

Some of these ‘wrong site’ mistakes included:

  • Removing the wrong organ i.e. a healthy organ
  • Removing an organ, when the plan was to conserve them eg. ovaries
  • Injected the wrong area or site
  • Injecting the wrong site block (to the wrong part of the body) i.e. a nerve block in which an anaesthetic and/or anti-inflammatory injection is used on or near  nerve or group of nerves to treat pain and inflammation.
  • Operating on the wrong side of the body or wrong organ
  • Removing the wrong skin lesion
  • Taking biopsies from the wrong part of the body
  • Receiving the wrong treatment (i.e. undergoing an unnecessary procedure)

Compensation for the medical errors could help support you:

  • Obtain the correct medical treatment, including the option for private medical care
  • Recover travel expenses
  • Recover lost income or earnings
  • Obtain rehabilitation
  • Obtain psychological support for trauma, anxiety and other issues

Contact our experienced surgical mistakes solicitors today to discuss your case. Our experts could help you obtain compensation for receiving the wrong treatment or unnecessary treatment, or for treatment / surgery performed on the wrong side / part of your body.

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Risks and Complications of  ‘Wrong-Site’ Medical Mistakes

Unfortunately, in wrong-site surgery cases, the implications on a patient’s wellbeing could be far-reaching.

The potential risks and complications include:

  • The need for further surgery or treatment to correct the mistakes and to carry out the correct procedure
  • Recovery from further surgery and the subsequent potential complications of a hospital stay
  • Health implications of losing healthy organs / tissues  or losing the function of previously healthy organs or tissues
  • Psychological harm
  • Potential Death

 NHS Statistics: The Most Commonly ‘Wrong-Site’ Procedures Reported in Patients (April 2021 – February 2022)

The NHS recorded 407 Never events between April 2021 – February 2022, with 171 of these mistakes relating to the wrong site / part of the body being operated on or treated.

The list below provides a breakdown of these 171 errors.

Wrong site surgery171
Angiogram intended for another patient1
Biopsy from wrong breast1
Biopsy of mediastinal mass rather than pleura1
Biopsy of wrong lobe of lung1
Bone marrow biopsy intended for another patient1
Botox injection to wrong area of mouth1
Cervical biopsies taken instead of colon1
Colposcopy intended for another patient1
Embolisation to the wrong area of the kidney1
Excision of skin tags rather than removal of cyst1
Excision of vaginal tissue instead of anal tissue1
Eye injection that was not required1
Flexible sigmoidoscopy intended for another patient2
Gastric dilatation intended for another patient1
Gastroscopy intended for another patient2
Haemorrhoids removed rather than repair of anal fistula1
Incision to wrong area of buttock1
Incision to wrong aspect of ankle1
Incision to wrong finger3
Incision to wrong part of leg1
Incision to wrong side of head1
Incision to wrong toe1
Injection to foot rather than ankle1
Injection to foot rather than hip1
Injection to wrist rather than thumb1
Injection to wrong area of hip1
Injection to wrong breast2
Injection to wrong eye6
Injection to wrong finger joint2
Injection to wrong finger/s4
Injection to wrong shoulder1
Injection to wrong toe joint1
Injections to lumbar spine rather than neck1
Insertion of radioactive plaque to the wrong area of the eye1
Knee aspiration intended for another patient1
Lumbar puncture rather than fluid drainage from lung1
Nerve root block intended for another patient1
Not described3
Position of laser eye surgery not the intended procedure1
Rectal drain intended for another patient1
Release of elbow nerve rather than muscle1
Removal of ovaries when surgical plan was to conserve them1
Resection of wrong eye muscle during squint surgery1
Toe procedure intended for another patient1
Unnecessary procedure2
Wound debridement intended for another patient1
Wrong aspect of knee1
Wrong aspect of knee biopsied1
Wrong ear1
Wrong eye1
Wrong finger1
Wrong hand1
Wrong labial cyst removed1
Wrong lung decompressed1
Wrong lymph node excision1
Wrong side angiogram2
Wrong side angiogram incision1
Wrong side angioplasty3
Wrong side angioplasty incision1
Wrong side burr holes1
Wrong side chest drain2
Wrong side hernia incision1
Wrong side lung biopsy1
Wrong side pacemaker placement1
Wrong side spinal injection3
Wrong side spinal surgery1
Wrong side stent removed1
Wrong side ureteric stent1
Wrong side ureteric stent removed1
Wrong side ureteroscopy2
Wrong site block46
Wrong site botulinum injection1
Wrong skin lesion biopsy6
Wrong skin lesion removed16
Wrong thyroid lobe removed1
Wrong type of stoma – stomach rather than colon2
Wrong side of head1
Procedure to breast that had not been consented1
Gastroscopy instead of colonoscopy1
Biopsy from wrong kidney1

Claiming compensation for mistakes in treating the wrong part of the body

If you believe you have a claim relating to a surgical error, including – the wrong part of the body being operated on or treated –  call us to speak with one of our specialists.

Devonshires Claims’ medical negligence experts have experience in dealing with surgical mistakes as well as other medical negligence claims. We willl work with you to achieve the best possible outcome including justice for the harm you suffered, and compensation which adequately reflects the injury, pain, financial losses and the need for further medical treatment and care.

We provide victims of medical negligence with:

  • A free no-obligation case evaluation
  • ‘No Win – No Fee’ agreement
  • Access to our network of medical experts and specialist barristers
  • Over 20 years’ experience

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Client Stories

Client’s Vein Damaged When Cannula Inserted Negligently


Negligent treatment of a breast cancer patient. The client suffered pain and loss of function in their right hand and forearm as a consequence of an extravasation of a vesicant drug during their cancer treatment. (chemotherapy).


Estimated £50,000 recovered in damages – pre-Trial settlement.

Compensation Claim For Negligent Cataract Treatment: £330K Awarded


Legal action following a failure of the NHS Trust to properly treat and advise the Claimant pre and post-surgery.  The result being that the routine cataract treatment has been unsuccessful and the Claimant is now registered blind.


£330k – Negotiated, without Trial.

Negligent Induction of Labour and Emergency C-Section: £300K Compensation Awarded


Legal action following mismanagement of the Claimant’s induction of labour and emergency Caesarean section.


£300,000 made up of compensation for the injury, past and future loss of earnings, care, and future treatment required. Settlement was negotiated without Trial.

What our clients say:
Katie has through out the process been approachable, informed, clear and pragmatic. She has never shied away from being entirely open about the potential outcomes of the litigation, nor has she been afraid to provide an educated opinion on strengths and weaknesses of the case in question. Katie is incredibly efficient and acknowledges all communications in a timely manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Katie to friends colleagues and family should they need similar services. - F.B.
What had been an anxious and frustrating 10 months, bought me to the most incredible lady, who worked tirelessly on my case and fought my corner, culminating in a very successful resolution. I simply cannot thank Karen Cathcart, and the firm enough. Karen was incredibly friendly, accessible and straight-talking, in the most perfect and professional way. I have, and will continue to, recommend both Karen and this firm to anyone I know who is in need of some good, solid legal advice. - K.B.
Devonshires solicitors are extremely good. Sandra Wheeler who helped me a lot is very kind; she always gave me good advice. A few times during the case, when I was nervous or disappointed, she encouraged me to go ahead. This case was 'no win no fee*', so they didn't charge me a single penny. Thank you to the Devonshires' team. I will definitely recommend you in the future if anyone needs a solicitor because your team is so helpful and do their job very well. - Mrs Kaur

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