Meningitis Misdiagnosis Claims

If you have suffered as a result of a meningitis diagnosis being missed or delayed, our meningitis misdiagnosis solicitors will guide you through the process of securing medical negligence injury compensation.

Our solicitors specialise in bringing ‘No Win No Fee’ meningitis misdiagnosis claims and will handle the end to end process on your behalf, ensuring you receive the compensation you need to cover your financial losses, pain and suffering, medical, and any other costs.

Awareness of the signs and symptoms of meningitis has increased considerably in the past two decades due to public awareness campaigns.  However, in its early stages, symptoms can sometimes be confused with other milder conditions, hence why medical professionals are vigilant, and will often recommend further evaluation if they have even the slightest suspicion of meningitis.  In addition, infants with meningitis may present with different symptoms than adults.  In rare cases, however, a medical professional may misdiagnose meningitis, resulting in the patient being sent home when they should be receiving urgent treatment. 

Our experienced medical negligence solicitors offer a ‘No Win No Fee agreement for misdiagnosis claims as well as access to a network of medical experts and specialists barristers.  For more information or to request your free no-obligation case evaluation please contact us on 0333 900 8787, email or complete our online form.

Reasons to bring a claim for meningitis misdiagnosis

Time is of the essence when it comes to the treatment and diagnosis of meningitis.  We rely on the expertise of our GP and hospital specialists to spot the signs of disease and to take prompt action accordingly.  Healthcare professionals owe a duty of care to patients, whether in a GP surgery, Accident & Emergency department or in a specialist hospital department.   Patients given the wrong diagnosis, and hence put on a treatment plan which is not appropriate for their needs may lead to adverse outcomes.

You may be able to bring a claim for meningitis misdiagnosis if you have been:

  • Given an incorrect diagnosis
  • Told you did not have meningitis when you did
  • Given the wrong treatment for meningitis
  • Given a delayed diagnosis of meningitis

Misdiagnosis of any type of meningitis can be claimed for, including:

  • Viral meningitis (the most common form)
  • Bacterial meningitis    
  • Fungal meningitis
  • Parasitic meningitis
  • Non-infectious meningitis

If you are unsure if what happened to you was an act of medical negligence, contact our meningitis misdiagnosis claims team who will take the time to listen with empathy and advise if you have a valid claim. Devonshires Claims’ highly experienced misdiagnosis compensation solicitors will support you through the whole process of obtaining compensation if you have experienced negligent care or treatment relating to meningitis. 

For more information or to start your free no-obligation case evaluation contact our ‘No Win No Fee‘ medical negligence solicitors today on 0333 900 8787, email or complete our online form.

Read our FAQs

Meningitis is characterised by inflammation of the meninges (from where it gets its name); membranes which line the skull and enclose the brain and spinal cord (the dura mater, arachnoid, and pia mater).  The inflammation is caused when fluid surrounding the meninges becomes infected.

If you suspect you or a loved one may have meningitis, seek medical help immediately.  Meningitis can progress very quickly, hence it is important to act quickly is it is suspected.

Signs and symptoms of meningitis (in addition to septicaemia and meningococcal disease) are typically characterised by:

  • high temperature
  • cold hands and feet
  • vomiting
  • confusion
  • breathing quickly
  • muscle and joint pain
  • pale, mottled or blotchy skin
  • spots or a rash
  • headache
  • a stiff neck
  • a dislike of bright lights
  • being very sleepy or difficult to wake
  • fits (seizures)

Babies often show signs of meningitis in other ways, including:

  • refusing to feed
  • irritability
  • a high-pitched cry
  • a stiff body or be floppy or unresponsive
  • a bulging soft spot on the top of their head

Meningitis is also commonly characterised by a rash which starts as small, red pinpricks before spreading quickly and turning into red or purple blotches.  In addition, when pressed firmly with the side of a glass, it won’t fade.

There are a wide range of underlying reasons why meningitis may be misdiagnosed, undiagnosed, or delayed in diagnosis, these include:

  • Busy A&E departments may not have sufficient senior staff or radiographers to interpret scans, x-rays or other diagnostic images
  • Scans may not be correctly interpreted
  • Meningitis may be confused with another disease or condition
  • Not conducting a full medical examination of the patient
  • Not taking a detailed medical history
  • Not referring to existing medical notes
  • Failure to ask appropriate questions which may lead to a diagnosis
  • Failure to ask for the opinion of another doctor (e.g. if the doctor lacks experience)
  • Failure to spot early warning signs of meningitis
  • Communication failures between doctors, laboratories and hospitals

Medical research has proven that delays in receiving treatment for meningitis are (antibiotic therapy in the case of bacterial meningitis) are associated with unfavourable outcomes, including death and lifelong disability.  According to the NHS, long term or permanent complications may include:

Beyond the impact to the physical and mental wellbeing of the patient, failure to diagnose meningitis can lead to loss of income, and in some cases, the inability to work and look after the needs of the family.

To make a compensation claim for meningitis misdiagnosis, speak to one of our delayed diagnosis Solicitors.  They will take the time to listen to the details of your case in a caring and considerate manner, and advise if you have grounds for a claim.  To do so, they will assess whether there has been negligence, and whether breaching that negligence caused your injuries.  If this is the case, and it can be backed up with evidence, you will most likely have a strong case for compensation.

Your Solicitor will handle your case for you, including collating the necessary evidence (medical records and correspondence) and will write to the organisation responsible for your care laying out the grounds for your claim.

Yes; the ‘limitation’ period to bring a claim for medical negligence is generally three years from the negligence, or date of knowledge of the injury.  This means that if you became aware of the failure to diagnose meningitis weeks, months, or even years later, the three-year period may commence from then.  In rare circumstances, the Court may use its discretion to extend the limitation period, but only for exceptional reasons. So it is important to contact us as soon as possible.

Yes; Devonshires Claims can provide:

  • No Win – No Fee’ claims service for meningitis misdiagnosis injury compensation claims.
  • ‘No Win No Fee’ arrangement is also known as a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’. Under a No Win No Fee agreement, you will not be charged any costs if your case is not successful*.

If you win your case there will be some deductions from your damages **.

For more information on our ‘No Win – No Fee’ agreement, please click here.

Medical negligence injury claims are rarely completed quickly.  The timescale for a meningitis misdiagnosis injury claim will depend on individual circumstances of your case; however, most cases commonly take at least two – three years to fully conclude.  However, we are often able to secure interim payments to help you with your treatment or day-to-day expenses.  Factors which will affect how long your claim takes may include:

  • how severely you were injured
  • the prognosis
  • whether ongoing care is required
  • how much rehabilitation is needed
  • whether you require costs to cover home modifications
  • Whether the defendant admits liability (if they do, claims can usually be concluded much faster).

Compensation claims for meningitis misdiagnosis not only reflect the physical and mental pain and suffering experienced but also:

  • Allow you to obtain justice for the mistreatment and negligence you experienced
  • Highlight failings in clinical practice, standards of care and protocols
  • Provide you and your family with an explanation of the incident and an apology if shortcomings are acknowledged

The compensation payment will depend on several factors:

  • Your pain and suffering
  • Your prognosis
  • The impact of the delay and / or negligence on your health and quality of life – including current and future care requirements, medical aids, home adaptations or other necessary assistance
  • Any financial losses you have incurred as a result of the injuries – including past loss of earnings, medical expenses, travel expenses and equipment costs
  • Any future financial losses, e.g. loss of wages, loss of promotion prospects, pension

Compensation for meningitis claims injury fall into two main categories:

  • General compensation (General Damages): this includes compensation for pain and suffering and the impact of the injury on lifestyle and quality of life.
  • Financial losses and expenses (Special Damages): these include the costs associated with private treatment, care support, travel expenses, other medical expenses, specialist equipment and loss of income.

Why choose Devonshires Claims to support your meningitis compensation claim?

Globally, meningitis impacts over five million people each year, and can, if not treated promptly and effectively, cause death or lifelong injury.  As such, anyone suspected of having meningitis requires urgent medical attention. 

Devonshires Claims’ medical negligence and compensation claims experts will carefully assess your case and will tenaciously fight to obtain the maximum compensation for the injuries you have sustained.  Our team are compassionate and driven, and we will put you in touch with other support services such as counsellors and clinical case managers who can help you recover.

For more information on Devonshires Claims ‘No Win No Fee’ meningitis misdiagnosis claims service or to start your free no-obligation case evaluation, contact us today on 0333 900 8787, email or complete our online form.

Client Stories

Delayed Diagnosis of an Infection after a Kidney Transplant Results in Sepsis, PTSD and Nerve Damage


The claimant brought a claim for clinical negligence following delayed diagnosis of a drain infection after a kidney transplant. This resulted in systemic sepsis, PTSD and permanent nerve damage in her leg which resulted in payments for care and loss of earnings.


£300,000 for claimant who suffered a severe drain infection following a kidney transplant.

Delayed diagnosis of Crohn’s disease resulted in permanent ileostomy


This was a case of a young woman who had acute presentation of severe Crohn’s disease which was not diagnosed definitively until her late re-representation with life-threatening complications. The delay in diagnosis led to the development of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, a colonoscopy and the client suffering from a permanent ileostomy.


The claim settled for £80,000 during mediation

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I am very happy with the service provided by Devonshires and Sandra Wheeler. They have been very professional and discussed everything with me thoroughly as the case progressed. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and family. - Chris
Working with Devonshires was an excellent experience they were at all times professional knowledgeable and very understanding they made a very difficult time easy they adopted a very personal touch and yes I would highly recommend them. - Derek Brown
Devonshires solicitors are extremely good. Sandra Wheeler who helped me a lot is very kind; she always gave me good advice. A few times during the case, when I was nervous or disappointed, she encouraged me to go ahead. This case was 'no win no fee*', so they didn't charge me a single penny. Thank you to the Devonshires' team. I will definitely recommend you in the future if anyone needs a solicitor because your team is so helpful and do their job very well. - Mrs Kaur

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