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Delay in Diagnosing and Treating a Football Injury: £23K Compensation Awarded

Successful recovery of damages following a delay in diagnosing and treating a complex sports injury resulting in more extensive and additional surgery and prolonged recovery period.

Patient Advised To Have Unnecessary Hip Replacement Surgery When More Suitable Treatment Should Have Been Offered

We represented the Claimant in relation to her claim in damages arising from injury and loss sustained following a contraindicated total hip replacement.

Compensation For Poor Surgical Care During Surgery to Remove Tumour in Salivary Glands

Compensation awarded for the failure to advise of the risks of surgery, allowing her to make an informed decision. Secondly, she claimed for the failure by the Defendant to perform an open surgery which would have allowed for complete removal of the tumour.

Failure to Check and Monitor Pressure Sores: Compensation Awarded For Negligent Care

A claim in damages arising out of substandard clinical care whilst the patient underwent vascular surgery in the First Defendant’s Hospital, before being transferred into community care at home with the Second Defendant’s community nurses, and then into the care of the Third Defendant’s Hospital. As a result, the patient suffered grade 4 pressure sores to sacrum and feet.

Ulnar Nerve Cut During Laparoscopic Surgery: £152K Compensation Awarded For Negligence

Clinical negligence claim brought by the claimant for damage to ulnar nerve which resulted in permanent paralysis and pain of the claimant’s left arm and hand.

Failure to Diagnose a Thumb Infection in Diabetic Patient Leading to Thumb Amputation

Legal action following a failure to appropriately diagnose and treat a thumb infection in a diabetic patient leading to amputation of the client’s thumb.

Serious Delay in Follow-Up Consultations After Foot Surgery: Compensation Awarded

Complications following bunion surgery and delays in follow up consultations led to our client being awarded compensation for orthopaedic negligence.

Failure to Explain Risks of LASIK Eye Surgery: £47K Compensation

Legal action following failure to provide information regarding risks of ophthalmic surgery and obtain the client’s informed consent to LASIK laser surgery.

Negligent Induction of Labour and Emergency C-Section: £300K Compensation Awarded

Legal action following mismanagement of the Claimant’s induction of labour and emergency caesarean section.

Delay in Treating DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Resulted in Serious and Lifelong Consequences

Whilst the Claimant was diagnosed correctly with a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) treatment was interrupted for 2 days resulting in serious and lifelong consequences for the Claimant.

Failure to Refer Patient to Trans Ischaemic Attack Clinic Resulted in Severe Stroke

Failure to refer the patient to a stroke clinic, following a mini stroke; this hospital negligence resulted in her suffering a severe stroke.

Young Mum Given Unnecessary Total Hysterectomy: Awarded Six Figure Compensation

Legal action following a young mother being given an unnecessary total hysterectomy and not being told until some time after.

Client’s Vein Damaged When Cannula Inserted Negligently

Negligent treatment of a breast cancer patient. The client suffered pain and loss of function in their right hand and forearm as a consequence of an extravasation of a vesicant drug during their cancer treatment. (chemotherapy).

Nephrostomy Tube Incorrectly Inserted in Kidney: £12K Compensation Awarded

Legal action following a failure by medical staff to recognise that a nephrostomy tube had been incorrectly placed in a pregnant woman leading to serious complications including further unnecessary surgery, sepsis and pneumonia.

Nursing Staff Negligent When Transferring Patient to a Bed Following Surgery: £9K Compensation

Legal action following a failure by nursing staff to appropriately transfer a patient to a bed following surgery causing damage.

Failure to Explain the Risks of Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery: £21K Compensation Awarded

Legal action following failure to provide information regarding risks of surgery and consent a patient to laser eye surgery. £21K compensation awarded against Optical Express.

Negligent Hospital Care Following Breast Augmentation Surgery

Claim brought by J H for a failure in nursing care following breast augmentation surgery.  Our Client was asked to transfer herself from the recovery bed to the ward bed, despite being unable to do so.  As a result, the drains in her wounds were pulled causing injury.

Negligent Surgical Repair of a Third-Degree Perineal Birth Tear: Compensation Awarded

The Claimant suffered a third-degree perineal tear during childbirth.  She underwent birth tear repair surgery which was performed negligently and further corrective surgery was required a week later.

Negligent Care During Childbirth Resulted in Unnecessary Total Hysterectomy: £250K Compensation

Legal action following negligent treatment during birth resulting in an unnecessary total hysterectomy.

Misdiagnosis of a Child’s Elbow Injury: £100K Compensation Awarded

Delay in diagnosis of an elbow injury.  But for the negligence, the Claimant, who is a minor, would not have sustained any significant damage to his elbow joint and avoided the need for any further surgeries.

Negligent Delay in Diagnosis of Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis (Hip) Condition: £250K Awarded

Legal action following significant, negligent delay in the diagnosis of a slipped upper femoral epiphysis (hip).

Risks of LASEK Eye Surgery Not Explained to Client

Legal action following failure to provide information regarding risks of surgery and consent a patient to laser eye surgery.

Compensation For Negligently Performed Hernia Repair Surgery

Legal Action following negligently performed hernia repair resulting in bladder prolapsing into the client's scrotum.

Compensation For the Failure to Diagnose a Brain Tumour: £350K Expected Payout

Legal Action following failure to diagnose a brain tumour.

Delayed Diagnosis of an Infection after a Kidney Transplant Results in Sepsis, PTSD and Nerve Damage

The claimant brought a claim for clinical negligence following delayed diagnosis of a drain infection after a kidney transplant.

Delayed Diagnosis of Kidney Stones Results in Loss of Kidney

The claimant brought a claim for clinical negligence following the delayed diagnosis of kidney stones which led to the claimant losing her kidney.

Compensation Claim For Negligent Cataract Treatment: £330K Awarded

Legal action following a failure of the NHS Trust to properly treat and advise the Claimant pre and post-surgery.  The result being that the routine cataract surgery has been unsuccessful and the Claimant is now registered blind.

£2 million compensation for negligent hospital treatment resulting in air embolism and stroke

Claim following removal of a central line with the patient sat in a chair. This led to an air embolism and stroke which caused a somatoform pain disorder and permanent disability.  This is one of the NHS's 10 “never events.”

Delayed diagnosis of Crohn’s disease resulted in permanent ileostomy

This was a case of a young woman who had acute presentation of severe Crohn’s disease which was not diagnosed definitively until her late re-representation with life threatening complications.

Compensation for Erbs Palsy Injury to Baby Following Negligent Delivery

The Client brought a claim against the NHS for failure to provide proper care to her mother during childbirth. The Client suffered an Erb’s Palsy injury and sought damages. The Client made a claim for past care and assistance, additionally there was also a claim for future care and assistance and loss of earnings.

Patient Advised to Have Unnecessary Knee Replacement Surgery When More Suitable Treatment Should Have Been Offered

Claim following inappropriate advice to 36 year old female  undergo knee surgery, leading to knee replacement and 2 revisions of the knee replacement causing pain, long term disability and a future risk of an above knee amputation.

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