Rise in Cases of Impacted Fetal Head Injuries During Childbirth

Despite modern advances in medicine, childbirth can still be dangerous for both mother and child. One particular risk is that of an impacted fetal head injury. An impacted fetal head generally occurs in an emergency caesarean section attempted during the second stage of labour. In this second stage, the mother’s cervix has already opened to
National Investigation into Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring During Labour

A child who suffers a neurological injury due to the failure in identifying and responding to fetal distress may be entitled to claim compensation for medical negligence. Safety issues affecting fetal heart rate monitoring include the unavailability of the monitoring equipment, an inability to understand the equipment, and misinterpretation of the fetal heart rate. The
Surge in the Number of NHS Claims for Lack of Informed Consent to Treatment

According to academic research, the number of negligence claims lodged against the NHS for failing to inform patients prior to medical/treatment procedures has increased dramatically over the last few years. A patient is legally and ethically entitled to an explanation of the facts concerning the nature of a procedure and the potential risks, as well
124 Questionable Baby Deaths in 7 years: East Kent Hospitals University Trust Investigated for a Possible Cover-Up

East Kent Hospital University Trust maternity services are run from two of its major hospitals, the William Harvey in Ashford and the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in Margate and support over 750,000 residents. The Trust is currently being investigated for the death of 15 babies amid accusations of covering up sudden and avoidable baby
Family Awarded £37 Million in the Largest NHS Maternity Negligence Claim

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust has agreed to a settlement of £37 million after admitting fault in one of the largest medical negligence compensations claims against the NHS. The victim, a child,  was left brain-damaged following incompetence during the delivery by the medical staff. The large payout comes amid calls for a national
The Impact of the Coronavirus on Cancer Care

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to overwhelm health care systems in the UK, patients suffering from other illnesses are struggling to find treatment. In particular, the lockdown announced by the UK government on March 23 has drastically impacted cancer care—in terms of diagnoses, urgent referrals, and treatment. The coronavirus has slowed down progress at every
Maternity Negligence in England: Are Birth Injuries More Common Than We Realise?

West Mercia Police launched an investigation in to maternity negligence at two Shropshire hospitals on July 1 2020. The investigation will focus on an alleged 40 year history of baby and maternal negligence and will assess 1200 cases.  In November 2019, A leaked interim report from a review, noted the death of 42 babies and
Sodium Valproate and the Risk of Birth Defects: Why Weren’t Women Warned?

On 22 February 2018 the Health and Social Care Secretary at the time, Jeremy Hunt, launched a  review into the NHS response to patient concerns relating to side effects from treatments.  The review examined three specific NHS treatments: The hormone pregnancy test Primodos, (used up until 1978): The use of Primodos was alleged to have resulted
Police Inquiry Launched into Shropshire Maternity Negligence Scandal

On July 1 2020 West Mercia Police opened a criminal inquiry to investigate failings at two Shropshire hospitals where a number of newborns and mothers died. Described as “Britain’s biggest maternity scandal”, the investigation will focus on two hospitals run by the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust – the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and Princess Royal
Do Stroke Victims in the UK Receive the Rehabilitation and Care They Need?

Despite strokes being one of the leading causes of death in the UK, many survivors feel that they are not receiving enough specialist stroke rehabilitation and support to enable them to function in day to day life. Despite the NHS Constitution pledging its support for a more comprehensive and universal healthcare system, community rehabilitation is

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