Swabs Left in Patient After Surgery Claims

Swabs are used in surgery to absorb blood and fluids so that the surgeons can view the area to operate on more clearly. Procedures are in place to make sure that all swabs are accounted for at the end of an operation, however mistakes are made and a swab can be left in the body. This is known as a type of ‘Never Event’ in the NHS, as it should never have occurred if rules and procedures are followed correctly.

Retained swabs can lead to serious infections, including sepsis, and will require further surgery to remove them and subsequent recovery time.

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Which situations increase the risk of a swab left in the body

The most common sites in the body in which swabs are mistakenly left in are the abdomen, pelvis and vagina.

Surgical procedures or situations where swabs are often left in the body include:

  • When a patient is obese

Risks and complications of a swab left in a patient after surgery

A swab is described as a ‘foreign object’ and therefore the risks of leaving it inside the body include:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Nausea
  • The development of abbess and fistulas
  • Bowel obstruction including severe constipation
  • Infections, including sepsis
  • The need for further surgery
  • The need for further medication, i.e. antibiotics
  • A weakened immune system, leaving the patient at a greater risk of acquiring an infection in hospital
  • Psychological injury resulting from poor health, further surgery required and a compromised immune system

Making a compensation claim for swabs left in the body

If you feel unwell after surgery, it is important for medical professionals to determine the cause. Unfortunately, when mistakes have been made in counting swabs, the diagnosis of a retained swab may occur weeks, months or even years after surgery.

This could mean that a patient may be affected with poor health and a weakened immune system for some time.

Claiming compensation for this mistake could help support:

  • Further medical treatment, including on a private basis
  • Travel expenses
  • Loss of income
  • Emotional and psychological recovery

If you believe you have a claim relating to a surgical error including medical items such as swabs being left in your body, give us a call to speak with one of our specialists.

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Client Stories

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£24,500 for the Representatives of the Estate of the deceased.

Ulnar Nerve Cut During Laparoscopic Surgery: £152K Compensation Awarded For Negligence


Clinical negligence claim brought by the claimant for damage to ulnar nerve which resulted in permanent paralysis and pain of the claimant’s left arm and hand.


£152,500 settlement for claimant who suffered permanent ulnar nerve injury.

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Legal action following a young mother being given an unnecessary total hysterectomy and not being told until some time after.


A 6 figure payment for a young mum who was given an unnecessary total hysterectomy.

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