Oculentis Lens Compensation Claims

If the Oculentis optical lens you were fitted with is faulty, Devonshires’ team of experienced ophthalmic or eye injury solicitors could help you obtain compensation. We are currently representing a significant number of clients on a ‘No Win – No Fee’ basis. If you have been left with vision problems following cataract or lens replacement surgery you could be entitled to claim compensation. Contact Devonshires Claims eye injury experts today on  0333 577 9444  or email cn@devonshires.co.uk or complete our online form to start your free case evaluation.

The Oculentis Intraocular lens

Oculentis, is a pharmaceutical company based in Germany and the Netherlands and manufactures a variety of intraocular products designed to improve eyesight and treat eye disease.  The Oculentis Intraocular lens is a permanent artificial lens created to replace a damaged or diseased lens – particularly where cataracts have developed. It is also used to try to correct vision in those who require it for aesthetic reasons.

Oculentis lenses recalled due to opacification problems

A number of patients have reported opacification (cloudiness in vision) resulting in blind patches and other sight disturbances since having their lenses replaced with an Oculentis lens. The opacification is said to result from a build-up of calcium deposits.

Following an investigation, Oculentis has said that the cause of the opacification is possibly a result of the interaction between silicon residue on the lens and a phosphate-containing cleaning agent previously used in the production process for certain models of its Lentis lenses manufactured before May 2015.

Oculentis has issued two recall notices in respect of the LENTIS HydroSmart intraocular lens. The lenses are inserted into a patient’s eyes when they undergo necessary cataract surgery or elective refractive lens exchange to improve vision. The information provided to patients is that the lenses should be of a permanent nature which means they are long-lasting and will “outlive the patient”.

Oculentis issued its first recall in this matter in December 2014.  That notice said:-

Analysis suggests a possible interaction between phosphate crystals originating from the hydration process of the IOL material and the fluctuating, batch related presence of silicone residues on some IOL’s. According to relevant literature, such residues may potentially change the IOL surface properties, making it under certain medical conditions more prone to deposition of calcium phosphate from the aqueous humor in predisposed patients. These deposits may compromise the optical transparency of the IOL, potentially leading to a reduction in the patient’s visual acuity

subsequent recall notice went out in September 2017 which it says applies to all LENTIS foldable Intraocular lenses with model numbers starting with L-, LU- LS- and which have an expiry date between January 2017 and May 2020.

Possible complications of faulty Oculentis lenses

Our specialist Oculentis claims solicitors are assisting clients with complications resulting from having a faulty Oculentis lens fitted. These complications could include:

  • Opacification or ‘blind spots’
  • Permanent double vision
  • Haloes and visual haze
  • Poor night vision
  • Extreme light sensitivity
  • Partial or full vision loss

If you have suffered a loss of vision, blurred vision or eyesight problems after undergoing lens replacement surgery you may find yourself living with a life-changing injury.

How to make a compensation claim for a faulty Oculentis lens

If you have been adversely affected because of a faulty lens you could be entitled to thousands of pounds in damages. Living with damaged vision after being fitted with a faulty replacement optical lens may mean that you have had to give up your job, leisure activities and social life. You may be struggling with your everyday activities and living in accommodation that is not best suited for someone with a visual impairment.

Contact Devonshires Claims ‘No Win No Fee’ solicitors for advice on obtaining compensation for eye injuries, partial or full loss of vision or other conditions affecting your eyesight. A successful compensation claim could help you recover past and future costs for:

  • Eye surgery (initial and corrective surgery eg. lens exchange surgery)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Loss of earnings
  • Additional medical expenses
  • Travel expenses to and from appointments and
  • Out of pocket expenses

A Claimant is entitled to damages for the pain and suffering of having to go through another surgical procedure to correct the problem and the associated risks of this corrective surgery.

The Types of faulty Oculentis lens compensation claims we can assist you with include:

  • Oculentis Mplus X Intraocular Lens
  • Oculentis Lentis HydroSmart Inraoculer Lens
  • Oculentis Foldable Intraocular Lens

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