What happens when a baby has a brain injury?

There are different types of treatments to apply. Depending on the injury, medication may be needed. As the child ages, physical and occupational therapy, and therapy for emotional and cognitive issues may be necessary. In some cases, the baby may require surgery.

How long the treatment lasts will vary according to the nature and severity of the injury. In serious cases, there may be a need for lifelong treatment. The parents are also likely to need support.

It may be necessary to establish what caused the brain injury and whether it was a result of medical negligence. This is important because there are often costs associated with caring for a baby with a brain injury.

If the care provider was at fault, a claim for compensation may be vital to enable the parents to properly care for the child.

How long does it take for a brain injury to go away?

This will depend on the nature of the injury and how quickly it was treated. In the case of a mild brain injury, the baby may recover most, if not all, of their normal brain function within a few months. In other cases, the impact may be lifelong.

Can a brain injury be cured?

The effects of a brain injury can be permanent. Even in a mild case, it can result in long-lasting symptoms that affect the baby’s health and quality of life. Treatment can help improve the effects.

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