What are the most common types of hospital negligence claims?

The common forms of hospital negligence

Hospital errors can lead to serious and even life changing consequences.  Commonly reported mistakes include:

Types of hospital negligence Examples of Situations
Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis A condition was not diagnosed by staff, whether in A & E, by a consultant or during exploratory surgery.
Failure to examine or adequately examine a patient A nurse, consultant or other care provider failed to adequately examine a patient or request further blood tests, x-rays or scans eg. scaphoid fractures.
Mistakes made during surgery A surgeon, anaesthetist or nurse made serious errors during an operation eg. leaving objects inside, perforating or damaging organs or tissues; not monitoring anaesthesia, operating on the wrong part of the body.
Mistakes made following surgery Mistakes made by a surgeon, consultant, or nurse in the follow up care and monitoring of a patient.
Failure to operate when required Unnecessary delays in operating on a patient, not recognising the need to operate urgently eg. cauda equine.
Acquiring an infection in hospital Acquiring infections such as Sepsis, C – Diff  due to lapses in hygiene and treatment protocols.
Sustaining an injury in hospital This could include falling from a bed, being dropped or otherwise being injured by nurses or other healthcare providers.
Medication errors Failing to provide adequate medication or administering too much, or administering the wrong medication to a patient in hospital. An example of this is the failure of many healthcare providers to monitor the blood sugar levels or medication requirements for diabetic patients.
Lapses in care Protocols falling below national standards of care eg. failing to monitor patients or turn a patient regularly leading to pressure sores, failure to monitor condition or failure to monitor nutrition, hydration; failure to manage the care of diabetic patients.

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