Should I start a fatal accidents medical negligence claim after an inquest?

As explained above, bringing a fatal accidents claim is a separate process to the  inquest, and while inquests may provide some clarification on the circumstances of a family member’s death, they do not provide the following:

  • an admission of liability from the responsible party
  •  an apology, and
  • compensation.

While money isn’t likely to be the first thing on your mind after a loved one’s death, there are financial considerations involved, and it can be a huge relief to claim compensation after a death especially if the deceased was contributing to the family’s finances.

The sudden loss of income can be a huge cause for concern, and if they were responsible for childcare, other arrangements may need to be made as the family adjusts. While it is hard to think about these issues, it’s important to know that by bringing a fatal accidents medical negligence claim, it is possible to receive compensation that can help with these unexpected expenses so that you can focus on your family and their long term security.

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