How long does a claim for Cerebral Palsy take?

Most medical negligence claims normally take between 24-36 months to complete.  The timescale will depend on the individual circumstances of your case.  However, in many, if not all Cerebal Palsy claims this time scale will be much longer as it is not easy to be confident in a final prognosis of a child’s condition until they are much older.  Some claims may run for 10 -15 years dependant on the injury sustained.  Factors which will affect how long a claim takes may include:

  • the seriousness of the Cerebral Palsy
  • whether ongoing care is required
  • how much rehabilitation is needed
  • whether your home needs renovating to accommodate your child’s needs
  • Whether the defendant NHS Trust or private hospital admit liability (if they do, claims can usually be concluded much faster).

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