How do you tell if a patient has a retained foreign object from surgery?

Accurate diagnosis can be difficult, not least because the symptoms can vary. Sometimes there are no symptoms for a considerable period after the operation. In addition, an X-ray will not necessarily show the retained swab.

Diagnosing whether a patient has a retained swab will usually be achieved by noting the clinical symptoms (nausea, pain, infection, fever, etc.) and conducting a CT scan.

Why are swabs sometimes left inside a patient?

A retained swab or never event is nearly always the result of some sort of medical negligence. Some situations may increase the risk of a retained swab, such as during an emergency procedure, childbirth, and where the patient is obese.

Claiming compensation for a surgical swab left inside the body

An experienced clinical negligence solicitor will be able to guide and assist you through the claims process.

At Devonshires Claims, our team of clinical negligence solicitors has a great deal of experience in handling medical negligence claims, including those relating to a swab left inside the body following surgery. In addition to advising you about whether you have a claim, and the level of compensation you may be entitled to, our solicitors can also represent you through the legal process on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

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