How do I start my person injury claim for a fracture or other orthopaedic injury?

Who you bring your claim against will depend on who was responsible for your injury eg. an employer, driver or a medical professional.

Contact Devonshires Claims’ solicitors to start your claim. Our solicitors are experts in personal injury and medical negligence claims and can support you and your loved ones in obtaining compensation for your injuries.

We will start by asking you some questions to understand what happened. These include:

  • What caused your serious injury?
  • Where you taken to hospital in an ambulance?
  • What were the details of the medical treatment and how long were you in hospital for?
  • Are you still receiving treatment?
  • Were there any witnesses? Do you have their details?
  • Did the police attend the scene of the accident?
  • Has there been a Health and Safety Executive investigation?

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