How do I start an amputation negligence claim?

The claims process

The claims process starts when you get in touch after you suspect that your amputation was the result of medical negligence.

We will offer you a free consultation, during which we will listen carefully to your story, taking the time to understand what has happened to you and the impact it has had. We will use this to understand where mistakes or omissions might have occurred. Following the initial consultation we will be able to advise you on your situation and the next steps of any claim process.

  • If a claim for medical negligence is made then the first step is gathering evidence to support your claim for medical negligence and subsequently further evidence to understand the full extent of your loss.This will include collecting all the relevant medical records. We can use these to assess the treatment you received and establish where mistakes might have been made or the wrong decisions taken.
  • We will also look at financial records. An amputation is likely to have an immediate financial impact because of loss of income when the procedure took place and during the recovery period afterwards. However, many amputations will have an impact on life-long earnings because you are unable to return to your previous employment. And even if a return to your previous job is possible with adaptations, many people will find that an amputation can remove opportunities that might have progressed their careers and earnings.
  • Finally, we will also gather evidence about your life in general. An amputation can mean that much of your life has changed, things that were important to you before may now be inaccessible, or require expensive adaptations. And while you might consider some of those things priceless, such as the interactions with family and loved ones that are now changed, they can form part of your claim.
  • Evidence will not just include paper records, but can also include witness statements, and additional profession evidence/statements, for example from a prosthetics expert, which can build your claim by illustrating the loss you have suffered. We can help you, supporting and guiding you through the whole process.

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