How do I start a compensation claim for medical negligence associated with the umbilical cord?

Devonshires Claims‘ solicitors have been supporting victims of medical negligence, including birth injuries, for over 20 years. We take the stress out of pursuing a claim and work hard to secure you and your child the justice and the compensation you deserve.

Once you have contacted us, your free case evaluation will involve us speaking to you to request information on:

  • The details of your delivery and the injuries to you or your child, including dates and the names of the staff and hospital you were treated at.
  • Any medical records you may have
  • Details of any bills and receipts to confirm your financial losses, including medical expenses and loss of income.

The consequences of a birth injury may not be apparent for some time e.g. brain injuries and developmental issues caused by an injury or a lack of glucose or oxygen to the baby may not be immediately apparent. Your solicitor and indeed the court may not be able to determine a final compensation figure for a number of years as the impact of the negligence to a child and his or her future treatment and care requirements may not be fully understood until your child is much older.

Therefore birth injury claims may take a number of years to settle, however interim compensation payments could be available.

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