How are infections acquired at a hospital?

There are several common causes for infections at a hospital:

  • Failure to carry out routine screening for MRSA or C. diff prior to surgery or other procedures
  • Failure to provide a safe, clean environment
  • Failure to provide appropriate medical care
  • Failure to provide appropriate post-surgical treatment
  • Failure to provide sufficient monitoring and treatment for infections.

Patients in a hospital are more vulnerable to infections due to:

  • Weakened immune systems, making them more susceptible to an infection that would have no effect or a minimal effect on a healthy person
  • Open wounds, including burns or sores, as well as IV and catheter insertions, which are entry points for bacteria
  • Being exposed to high traffic levels throughout the hospital i.e. numerous staff, visitors, and patients, all of whom can spread bacteria even without being infected themselves.

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