Can you feel pain during anaesthesia awareness?

Anaesthesia awareness is rare and difficult to predict or prevent. However, it may help to tell your medical team about your full medical history. This could include:

  • any medication you may be taking
  • any current or previous conditions, like heart or lung disease
  • whether you use illegal drugs
  • how much alcohol you drink

What can you do if you have anaesthesia awareness?

There is little you can do at the time, as you may not be able to move or speak. As soon as you are able to, notify your medical team.

Because of the psychological trauma anaesthesia awareness can cause, you may require counselling.

Can anaesthesia awareness cause PTSD?

Anaesthesia awareness can leave patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It can be a frightening and traumatic experience that leaves you with anxiety and other issues, which may require counselling or therapy.

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