Can I make a misdiagnosis compensation claim against my GP, consultant, dentist, surgeon or a private health care provider?

If your GP, consultant, surgeon, dentist or other healthcare provider has made mistakes or was negligent in assessing your symptoms, interpreting your test results, referring you for tests or to the relevant specialists, you could be entitled to compensation.

There are generally two main types of misdiagnosis:

  • Incorrect or missed diagnosis: This occurs when a medical professional fails to diagnose any condition or diagnoses you with the wrong condition. This can result in improper medication or treatment being administered as well as a delay in receiving the required treatment and medication.
  • Late diagnosis: As the term implies, this occurs when a condition is identified late, causing delays in receiving the correct treatment and medication and a deterioration in your health.

The consequences of an incorrect or late medical diagnosis could be:

  • A deterioration in your health
  • A reduced life span
  • A life changing medical condition which may require medical equipment, aids, home adaptations, rehabilitation
  • Financial loss associated with medical and travel expenses and loss of income
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Short and long term care support

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