Young Mum Given Unnecessary Total Hysterectomy: Awarded Six Figure Compensation


Legal action following a young mother being given an unnecessary total hysterectomy and not being told until some time after.


A 6 figure payment for a young mum who was given an unnecessary total hysterectomy.

What Happened

The Claimant had an artificial rupture of the membranes and was transferred to the delivery suite before giving birth to a baby girl.

She was later advised that she had been given an unnecessary total hysterectomy. The Claimant had not been told this before.

Proceedings were issued.  There were admissions of liability and the claim settled for 6 figures a few months before trial.

As a result of the experience and of undergoing a total hysterectomy, the Claimant experiences severe psychological problems, bowel problems, urinary incontinence and vaginal scarring.  She will have issues for life.  Before final settlement, Devonshires helped the client obtain interim funds to start her rehabilitation and get the help and support she required.

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