Nephrostomy Tube Incorrectly Inserted in Kidney: £12K Compensation Awarded


Legal action following a failure by medical staff to recognise that a nephrostomy tube had been incorrectly placed in a pregnant woman leading to serious complications including further unnecessary surgery, sepsis and pneumonia.


£12,500 recovered in damages for the additional unnecessary surgery and scarring caused by the negligent failure to recognise that a nephrostomy tube had been incorrectly sited.

What Happened

The Client came to this firm following a period of admission to hospital after having a nephrostomy tube incorrectly inserted.  Incorrect placement of this type of tube is not always considered negligent and it was our case that the negligence lay in the failure to recognise that it had been misplaced leading to serious consequences for the Client who was pregnant at the time.

In acting for the Client we sought medical evidence in relation to any allegations of negligence and the effect that this had on the Client. We obtained supportive evidence from a radiologist and urologist which indicated that the misplacement could and should have been recognised at an earlier stage, thus our Client would have avoided the period of sepsis, pneumonia and stay on ITU.

We wrote to the Defendant and liability was denied. This firm followed all steps up to and including exchange of expert evidence.  The Defendant continued to deny liability and made no offers to settle.  However, three weeks before trial the matter was settled in favour of our Client.

This was a very sensitive and important matter to our Client as she had been pregnant at the time of negligence and had small children at home. Devonshires provided support at every stage of the claim, and explained what steps were necessary to bring the claim, to prove negligence and to achieve a settlement. The Defendant was robust in its stance on liability and it was our job to make sure that we had the correct evidence in support of the claim in order to obtain a successful outcome for the Client.

Our Client was delighted with the settlement and the outcome of the claim in her favour and is now happy to move on from this difficult time.

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