Negligent Hospital Care Following Breast Augmentation Surgery


Claim brought by J H for a failure in nursing care following breast augmentation surgery.  Our Client was asked to transfer herself from the recovery bed to eth ward bed, despite being unable to do so.  As a result, the drains in her wounds were pulled causing injury.


Settlement in excess of £9,000.

What Happened

The Claimant paid privately to undergo bilateral breast augmentation.  Following surgery, the Claimant was asked to transfer from the recovery bed to the ward bed herself.  Unfortunately, she was unable to do so, and after telling nursing staff this, no help was provided.

This caused damage to the original surgical wound, necessitating further surgery which would have been avoided had correct nursing protocols for the transfer of patients been followed.

Devonshires instructed a plastic surgeon and nursing care expert on behalf of the Claimant, both supported a claim.  Offers were made pre-issue, unfortunately, the Defendant did not agree to settle the claim and insisted that liability was denied.

Proceedings were issued and the claim progressed to just before exchange of Breach of Duty evidence, at which point the Defendant agreed to settle the claim.

Our Client was happy with the outcome of the claim and can now begin rebuilding her life.


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