Delayed Diagnosis of Kidney Stones Results in Loss of Kidney


The claimant brought a claim for clinical negligence following the delayed diagnosis of kidney stones which led to the claimant losing her kidney.


£42,500 for claimant who lost one kidney following the delayed diagnosis of kidney stones.

What Happened

The claimant had a long history of kidney infections. She frequently returned to her GP and was prescribed various antibiotics. Over time the symptoms worsened and the claimant was admitted to hospital where she was diagnosed with an upper UTI and was prescribed further antibiotics.

The claimant’s symptoms did not improve and she returned to her GP a few weeks later where she underwent a CT scan which revealed a 10mm stone. Following this the claimant was referred to the Urology department at hospital.

Under the care of the Urologist, after further investigations, the claimant was treated with further antibiotics. The claimant then underwent an Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) and was later booked in for a further CT scan. The later scan revealed that the stone had grown despite the ESWL treatment. The claimant was then due to be listed for an urgent distal ureterostomy at the same time as a percutaneous nephrolithotomy procedure however on the form the procedure was noted to be elective and there was therefore some delay with the procedure. Following the procedure a CT scan revealed that there was no function in the claimant’s left kidney and it was decided that she needed to undergo a nephrostomy.

The claimant made a satisfactory recovery from the surgery however she suffered from some psychological injury as a result of her treatment. Despite previously being diagnosed with cancer and having successful treatment, as a result of the negligence the claimant lived in constant fear that something would happen to her remaining kidney.

As a result of this the claimant needed additional emotional support. Devonshires Claims’ medical negligence solicitors were able to have the claimant seen and assessed by a leading Nephrologist and Psychologist who were able to advise about her future treatment and likely prognosis.

The defendant initially denied liability for the claim but after further correspondence, they made a full admission and we were able to secure a settlement for the claimant without having to issue formal court proceedings and make the client go through the lengthy court process.

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