Delayed Diagnosis of an Infection after a Kidney Transplant Results in Sepsis, PTSD and Nerve Damage


The claimant brought a claim for clinical negligence following delayed diagnosis of a drain infection after a kidney transplant. This resulted in systemic sepsis, PTSD and permanent nerve damage in her leg which resulted in payments for care and loss of earnings.


£300,000 for claimant who suffered a severe drain infection following a kidney transplant.

What Happened

The claimant suffered from kidney failure and underwent a successful kidney transplant from a related donor. Following successful surgery she was discharged from hospital with a drain in situ. The claimant subsequently developed a severe infection which was not appropriately diagnosed and treated as many of the symptoms were masked by the fact that she was taking immunosuppressant medication to prevent her body from rejecting the kidney. As a result, by the time the infection was diagnosed, the claimant developed systemic sepsis. She was re-admitted to hospital and required a prolonged period in ICU and repeated surgical washouts of the infected area due to the severity of the sepsis.

Due to the extent of the infection the claimant was left with permanent nerve damage in her leg. This meant that she suffered from weakness in her leg and as a result of this she was unable to return to work as a carer. She also developed PTSD.

The claimant’s life was profoundly affected by her injuries. She was unable to return to work and as a result of her PTSD she was unable to leave the house on her own.

The sepsis misdiagnosis claim was complex and required reports from 5 different specialist experts. Both liability and quantum were in dispute and the claim was robustly defended.

As a result of her injuries the claimant required a lot of support. By having a team of people working on the case Devonshires were able to provide the emotional support that she needed to bring the claim. We worked closely with the claimant to explain each step of the process and make sure that she was fully informed. Whenever any problems arose in the case we acted quickly to reassure the claimant that we had a plan to manage the situation and ensure that the claim ran as smoothly as possible for her. We also worked hard to ensure that we had the best experts instructed and the experts were able to play an integral part in recommending treatment for the claimant going forwards, even after the claim had ended.

The claim ultimately settled at a Roundtable meeting for the sum of £300,000 just over one month before it was due to go to trial.

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