Client’s Vein Damaged When Cannula Inserted Negligently


Negligent treatment of a breast cancer patient. The client suffered pain and loss of function in their right hand and forearm as a consequence of an extravasation of a vesicant drug during their cancer treatment. (chemotherapy).


Estimated £50,000 recovered in damages – pre-Trial settlement.

What Happened

The client was diagnosed with breast cancer and received surgery to treat the cancer by way of a subcutaneous mastectomy and removal of lymph glands. The client then underwent both chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment.

During the second cycle of the client’s chemotherapy, he experienced significant pain when a cannula was inserted into his right, dominant hand. It later became apparent that the client’s veins had been damaged when the cannula was inserted. The appropriate treatment and advice had not taken place at that time. As a result the veins in the client’s right hand could no longer be used for treatment and more invasive methods were required.

The client was greatly impacted by the damage to his arm; he was unable to carry out daily tasks which he would otherwise have done whilst receiving chemotherapy treatment.

The injury to the client’s arm also affected him mentally and emotionally, over and above that caused by the emotionally and physically demanding time in experiencing cancer; adding further trauma to the experience.

The client also required physiotherapy and was advised to seek further hand therapy to improve the function in his right arm. It was also recommended that the patient undergo further psychiatric therapy.

Devonshires Claims recovered £50,000 in damages for the client for the negligent treatment received. The client was supported throughout the investigation and litigation process of this medical negligence claim which required locating a nurse with specialist knowledge.

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