Mum-of-Two Died of Bowel Cancer Misdiagnosed as ‘Food Intolerance’

Claire Young, 42, died of incurable stage 4 bowel cancer on February 1, 2021, two days after celebrating her second son’s first birthday. The tragic death of the ‘lovely’ and ‘genuine’ mum and wife from Warrington, Cheshire, came almost 2 years after a GP and specialist dismissed her symptoms and concerns as a food intolerance.
Young People and Cancer: Deaths Continue as Doctors Dismiss Symptoms

For the under 40’s a cancer diagnosis is often not considered a serious concern and some doctors are ignoring the symptoms and concerns of patients. Dame Deborah James, popularly known as “Bowel Babe”, died aged 40 on 28th June 2022. She was an active cancer campaigner who dedicated the last years of her life to
Charity Walk for Macmillan Cancer Support: July 31 2022

Devonshires Claims is taking part in the Dedham Vale half marathon charity walk to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. The team will include Kim Huggins, Nick Grant, Justin Glenister, Sherene Modi and Matthew Tierney. Macmillan Cancer Support helps people living with cancer. As well as providing information and support services, they also have many
Covid Vaccine Death Payout: Woman Receives £120,000 NHS Settlement After Fiancé Dies from AstraZeneca Jab

The NHS Vaccine Damage Scheme has awarded a woman the maximum payout of £120,000 after her partner died from complications linked to the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine. She becomes the first person to receive the NHS vaccine injury payout in relation to the Covid vaccine. Vikki Spit, 38, has questioned the compensation—citing the financial hardships she
Patient With Stomach Ulcer Wrongly Given Naproxen in Hospital: Death Results in Inquiry

NHS failings as a mum of two dies from ‘multi-organ failure’ after visiting A&E at Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy, Fife, with a fractured knee. Her family was left ‘devasted and angry’ after a routine knee operation turned tragic following a catalog of mistakes, including administering the wrong medication. The family of Linda Allan, 59, called
Donna Ockenden ‘Delighted’ to Lead Review of ‘Inadequate’ Nottingham Maternity – ‘Immense Relief’ for Families

NHS England has confirmed that Donna Ockenden will chair a new independent review into maternity services at Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) Trust. NUH runs both the Nottingham City Hospital and the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC). The senior midwife-led an inquiry that found over 200 babies at Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust could have survived with
From Drill Bits Left Inside Patients to Mistaken Removal of Ovaries: Substantial Increase in ‘Never Events’ Recorded by the NHS

The NHS recorded a substantial increase in ‘Never Events’ between April 2021 and March 2022—including nearly 100 incidents of foreign objects such as scalpel blades, wire cutters, and drill bits being accidentally left inside patients. The official data revealed 407 incidents of medical negligence that are described as “so serious they should never happen” in
Black Women and Giving Birth: Survey Reports Negative Maternity Experiences ‘Far Outweighed’ the Positive

Black, non-white, and mixed ethnicity backgrounds consistently face inequalities in health care, recent research has revealed. Studies have highlighted that women, who identify as black or of black mixed heritage, report negative experiences with healthcare professionals – more often than their white peers. These experiences are often grounded in racial biases that impact their health
NHS Trust Fined £1.3m After Admitting Failures in Two Cases Where Patients Died

Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust admits failing to provide care in a safe way and exposing patients to a significant risk of avoidable harm after two patients die. Mohammed Ismael Zaman (Bolly) bled to death at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in October 2019 while undergoing dialysis. A little over half a year later, in
Patient Died After Scan Revealed Blood Clot But Results Were Not Seen For Days

A man may have lived longer if vital scan results had not been left on a desk for six days, a coroner has found. Retired HGV driver Trevor Reynolds, 79, was receiving treatment for cancer of the oesophagus at Glen Clwyd Hospital in Wales when the radiologist conducting a CT scan on 3 May 2021
IVF ‘Miracle Baby’ Died Following ‘Gross Failure’ at Sheffield Hospital

A coroner ruled that failings at Sheffield Teaching Hospital’s Jessop Wing maternity unit contributed to the death of 2-day-old baby Cassian Curry. Cassian, who was described as a “true miracle” by his parents, was born prematurely at 28 weeks on 3 April 2021, weighing just 750 grams (1lb 10oz). An inquest into his death concluded
“Undoubted failings” by Nottingham City Hospital Led to Baby’s Death

Edward (Teddy) Errington-Rozkalns was born on November 23, 2020 at Nottingham City Hospital but sadly died the following day. Kim Errington (Teddy’s mother) was discharged from the hospital and returned home with Teddy she noticed that Teddy’s body was an abnormal colour as she placed him in his cot. Jason Rozkalns (Teddy’s father) performed CPR
Kim Huggins Speaks to Libby Purves @ Times Radio: The Ockenden Report and Maternity Negligence

Devonshires Claims · The Ockenden Report: Kim Huggins Speaks to Libby Purves on Times Radio Breakfast Libby Discussion with Libby Purves OBE of Times Radio, March 31, 2022 Transcript: Libby: Now the long battle by individuals to get an investigation into maternity services. Not only at the disgraceful Shrewsbury and Telford NHS trust, which was
The Worst Maternity Scandal in NHS History: The Ockenden Report is Finally Published

The Independent Review of Maternity Services at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust (“the Trust”) began in the summer of 2017 and was originally requested by the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, MP, the then Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, and commissioned by NHS Improvement (NHSI), to examine 23 cases of concern
Woman Dies During Childbirth at Basildon University Hospital

Following the recent death of a woman during childbirth, Basildon University Hospital has launched an investigation. A spokesman for Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust, which manages the hospital, said: “Our condolences go out to the family in this very sad case, as it is currently under investigation, we are unable to make further
Nottingham Maternity Negligence: Baby Death Was Preventable

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH) has made what is believed to be a record-breaking settlement following a medical negligence case involving the trust’s maternity unit at Nottingham City Hospital. The story was reported by the BBC. Sarah and Jack Hawkins received a £2.8 million pay-out following the stillbirth of their daughter, Harriet, in 2016.
NHS Hospital Has Four ‘Never Events’ in a Single Year

Kettering General Hospital (KGH) has apologised to a patient after they incorrectly administered medication to them, something known as a ‘never event’. The patient, who was being treated as an inpatient at the hospital, had a central catheter inserted to receive medication intravenously. However, a drug that should have been delivered orally was injected into
‘Never Event’ as Patient Receives Wrong Sized Prosthetic During Surgery at Orthopaedic Hospital in Gobowen

In a case reported by BBC News and other organisations, a patient was accidentally implanted with the wrong prosthetic implant in a ‘Never Event’ at a Shropshire hospital. The event was reported to the Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) governing body in September 2021. Surgeons mistakenly implanted a small prosthesis into a
Ground-Breaking Inquiry by MPs Finds ‘Serious Failings’ and Evidence of Racism in Sickle Cell Care

Shocking findings from an inquiry by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) show “serious failings” in Sickle Cell care and evidence of negative attitudes underpinned by racism. The report by MPs, led by Pat McFadden MP, highlights sub-standard care and treatment of patients with sickle cell disease (SCD), low awareness and education on the disease among
Why Are More Black and Asian Women Dying in Pregnancy?

Most people would assume that maternal deaths in the UK are, although tragic and comparatively rare, a risk faced equally by all mothers. Sadly, research has shown that this is not the case. There appears to be a relationship between maternal death and ethnicity. The link was highlighted by researchers at Oxford University’s ‘Mothers and
Patient Dies After Cancer Symptoms Overlooked For Three Years

A Liverpool family are taking the NHS to court after Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital failed to follow up on signs their father, John Lowe, might have cancer. Despite several scans in which radiologists spotted suspect lesions and recommended further investigation, Mr Lowe was discharged unaware he might have cancer and was never invited for
Thousands of People in the UK Could Be Living With Undiagnosed Cancer As the Pandemic Hits NHS Screening

The COVID pandemic has fundamentally challenged communities and healthcare delivery systems in the UK and around the world. Of particular concern is the issue of delayed breast cancer screening and care due to the pandemic. Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women in the UK. The National Health Service (NHS) recommends mammograms
NHS Watchdog Highlights Delays in Critical Heart Attack Treatment

The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) — the independent watchdog that investigates patent safety concerns in the NHS — has highlighted that patients with suspected heart attacks frequently face lengthy delays to getting life-saving treatment for heart attacks. Every year there are more than 100,000 people admitted to hospital with heart attacks in the UK.
Great Ormond Street Hospital Admits Errors Contributed to Child’s Death

In a recent interview by The Independent, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) admitted that the hospital’s mistakes played a part in the death of five-year-old Walif Yafi. The admission came a few months after a three-year legal case with Walif’s parents was concluded. In this case, GOSH denied responsibility for the boy’s death. The Events
Should Doctors be Recommending Bone and Joint Replacement Operations?

Some newspapers and websites have covered research that, it is suggested, calls into question the value of some orthopaedic surgery. Headlines, such as “Joint surgery may be no more useful than physiotherapy,” might lead people to believe that surgical interventions they have had could have been replaced with physiotherapy or medication. The media attention was
The Doctor May Not See You: A Lack of Face-to-Face GP Appointments and Significant Delays Harming Patients

Despite the Government declaring that all remaining Covid-restrictions were dropped on 16 August, some GPs and dentists are among primary healthcare providers which remain under lockdown conditions with face to face appointments being significantly reduced and thousands of appointments being cancelled. Recent data from NHS Digital showed that in July 2021 only 57.2 per cent
Maternity Negligence Scandals in the NHS: 20 Years of Claims

A dangerous time for both mother and child, in the past childbirth could cause as much anxiety as it did celebration. When the NHS was founded, there was close to a 1-in-25 chance a baby would be stillborn or die within the first week after birth. That figure has improved remarkably, and the risk of
The Most Common Serious Safety Errors in NHS Hospital Wards Over a 10 Year Period

The study by Alexandra Urquhart et al aimed to learn from and understand the most frequent patient safety incidences involving acutely sick adults that have resulted in severe harm or death. The study reviewed 370 instances of either death or severe harm in NHS hospitals in a 10-year period (2005–2015) based on acute medical assessment
Horrific Ordeal as Mum Has Womb ‘Needlessly’ Removed After Her Cervical Cancer was Misdiagnosed

In 2013 when Nikita Nicholls was 26, she was invited for a cervical smear test that returned negative results. However in the months that followed, her health and quality of life deteriorated as she struggled with unusual bleeding, abdominal pain, and depression. Unknowingly, Nikita had cervical cancer which was not diagnosed due to a catalogue
Essure Compensation Claims

Thousands of women from around the world are coming forward to claim compensation following severe complications resulting from the Essure birth control implant. Many of these women have or may require further complex surgery or treatment in order to remove the device. In the UK it is estimated that 100,000 women have been fitted with
Should Doctors be Immune from Medical Negligence Claims While Fighting COVID-19?

The COVID-19 virus is one of the most serious healthcare issues in the history of the NHS. Medical professionals have been required to manage a number of complex issues and situations. This includes performing procedures outside their expertise, delays in screening/treatment of non-coronavirus illnesses, ethical dilemmas, and legal concerns surrounding negligence claims.   With the
“Numerous Mistakes” by NHS Trust Lead to Baby’s Death During Breech Birth

Frimley Park Hospital, Portsmouth admitted mistakes in failing to recognise a breech birth or to act appropriately once noted, leading to the death of baby Theo Ellis from oxygen starvation in April 2019. This comes at a time when East Kent Hospitals University Trust and Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals Trust are under scrutiny over similarly
Amputation Negligence Claims Against the NHS Increase by 75% Within a Decade: FOI Investigation Reveals

Drawing on figures obtained via Freedom of Information requests from NHS Resolution (a government body responsible for managing medical claims against NHS Trusts), 122 amputation negligence claims were settled in 2018/2019. This was the highest annual figure recorded in a decade—representing a 75% increase from 70 negligence claim settlements in the 2009/2010 period. Number of
A&E Delays: New NHS England Initiative Set to Reduce Waiting Times

It has recently been announced that NHS England plans to remove the four-hour waiting time target for A&E patients, in an effort to reduce time spent in emergency departments. Since its introduction in 2004, the four-hour target, which requires 95 per cent of A&E patients to be seen within the set time frame, will be replaced
Rise in Cases of Impacted Fetal Head Injuries During Childbirth

Despite modern advances in medicine, childbirth can still be dangerous for both mother and child. One particular risk is that of an impacted foetal head injury. An impacted fetal head generally occurs in an emergency caesarean section attempted during the second stage of labour. In this second stage, the mother’s cervix has already opened to
National Investigation into Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring During Labour

A child who suffers a neurological injury due to the failure in identifying and responding to fetal distress may be entitled to claim compensation for medical negligence. Safety issues affecting fetal heart rate monitoring include the unavailability of the monitoring equipment, an inability to understand the equipment, and misinterpretation of the fetal heart rate. The
124 Questionable Baby Deaths in 7 years: East Kent Hospitals University Trust Investigated for a Possible Cover-Up

East Kent Hospital University Trust maternity services are run from two of its major hospitals, the William Harvey in Ashford and the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in Margate and support over 750,000 residents. The Trust is currently being investigated for the death of 15 babies amid accusations of covering up sudden and avoidable baby
The Impact of the Coronavirus on Cancer Care

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to overwhelm health care systems in the UK, patients suffering from other illnesses are struggling to find treatment. In particular, the lockdown announced by the UK government on March 23 has drastically impacted cancer care—in terms of diagnoses, urgent referrals, and treatment. The coronavirus has slowed down progress at every
Do Stroke Victims in the UK Receive the Rehabilitation and Care They Need?

Despite strokes being one of the leading causes of death in the UK, many survivors feel that they are not receiving enough specialist stroke rehabilitation and support to enable them to function in day to day life. Despite the NHS Constitution pledging its support for a more comprehensive and universal healthcare system, community rehabilitation is
Endometriosis Month: March 2020

March is endometriosis month. The campaign aims to highlight the extent of this painful condition which affects an estimated 1.5 million women in the UK. Despite the number of women affected and the debilitating pain and menstrual bleeding associated with this condition, almost half of the population do not know what the condition is. Emma

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