Hysterectomy Compensation Claims

Can you sue for an unnecessary hysterectomy?

There is debate about which conditions need hysterectomy surgery. Some believe heavy periods, pelvic pain, or conditions such as endometriosis can be reason enough. Others believe only cancer requires the procedure. In most cases, surgery is a final option. Medical advice in the UK highlights the importance of assessing a condition’s impact on a patient’s
Horrific Ordeal as Mum Has Womb ‘Needlessly’ Removed After Her Cervical Cancer was Misdiagnosed

In 2013 when Nikita Nicholls was 26, she was invited for a cervical smear test that returned negative results. However in the months that followed, her health and quality of life deteriorated as she struggled with unusual bleeding, abdominal pain, and depression. Unknowingly, Nikita had cervical cancer which was not diagnosed due to a catalogue
A “Scandal” Which Has Left Thousands of Women in Pain: Vaginal Mesh

Introduced to the NHS in 1998 these vaginal mesh implants were used to treat urinary stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse in women – particularly following childbirth or a hysterectomy. Despite the lack of rigorous testing, thousands of women received a mesh implant and many are now experiencing the following complications: Chronic and debilitating pain

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