Diabetes Medical Negligence Claims

From Drill Bits Left Inside Patients to Mistaken Removal of Ovaries: Substantial Increase in ‘Never Events’ Recorded by the NHS

The NHS recorded a substantial increase in ‘Never Events’ between April 2021 and March 2022—including nearly 100 incidents of foreign objects such as scalpel blades, wire cutters, and drill bits being accidentally left inside patients. The official data revealed 407 incidents of medical negligence that are described as “so serious they should never happen” in
Amputation Negligence Claims Against the NHS Increase by 75% Within a Decade: FOI Investigation Reveals

Drawing on figures obtained via Freedom of Information requests from NHS Resolution (a government body responsible for managing medical claims against NHS Trusts), 122 amputation negligence claims were settled in 2018/2019. This was the highest annual figure recorded in a decade — representing a 75% increase from 70 negligence claim settlements in the 2009/2010 period.
260,000 Diabetes Patients ‘Experienced Medication Error in Hospital Last Year’

Diabetes UK has warned that more than 260,000 diabetes inpatients experienced a medication error at hospital in 2017, 9,600 of whom suffered serious and potentially life-threatening episodes of hypoglycaemia as a result of poor insulin management.

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