Delayed or misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosed 5-Year-Old’s Fatal Appendicitis as a Tummy Bug: Doctor Receives Warning

Dr Faye Hawkins, a consultant paediatrician at Southampton General Hospital who assessed and misdiagnosed Elspeth Moore’s, 5, fatal appendicitis as vital gastroenteritis, has been let off with a written warning—avoiding a possible striking off order or suspension. A Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service said she had ‘learned from her mistakes and remediated fully’. Despite Elspeth complaining
Mum-of-Two Died of Bowel Cancer Misdiagnosed as ‘Food Intolerance’

Claire Young, 42, died of incurable stage 4 bowel cancer on February 1, 2021, two days after celebrating her second son’s first birthday. The tragic death of the ‘lovely’ and ‘genuine’ mum and wife from Warrington, Cheshire, came almost 2 years after a GP and specialist dismissed her symptoms and concerns as a food intolerance.
Young People and Cancer: Deaths Continue as Doctors Dismiss Symptoms

For the under 40’s a cancer diagnosis is often not considered a serious concern and some doctors are ignoring the symptoms and concerns of patients. Dame Deborah James, popularly known as “Bowel Babe”, died aged 40 on 28th June 2022. She was an active cancer campaigner who dedicated the last years of her life to
Patient Died After Scan Revealed Blood Clot But Results Were Not Seen For Days

A man may have lived longer if vital scan results had not been left on a desk for six days, a coroner has found. Retired HGV driver Trevor Reynolds, 79, was receiving treatment for cancer of the oesophagus at Glen Clwyd Hospital in Wales when the radiologist conducting a CT scan on 3 May 2021
Young Woman Died of Cervical Cancer After Being Misdiagnosed for Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Hormone Issues

27-year-old event manager, Porsche McGregor-Sims died on April 14, 2020, months after a locum gynaecologist mistook her aggressive cancer symptoms for those of irritable bowel syndrome or a hormonal issue.  The area coroner Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp said the case was one of the most “shocking and traumatic” she had come across.  The timeline of events In
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Why Are We Still Not Aware?

March is known as ‘ovarian cancer awareness month’ but despite the condition being all too common and well publicised, many women and GPs are still unaware of some of the early symptoms, resulting in the signs being ignored or misdiagnosed. This delay can allow the cancer to spread, meaning treatment may need to be more
New Damning Report Unearths Widespread Ethnic Inequality in NHS, Calls for Comprehensive Steps to Tackle It

The review titled “Ethnic Inequalities in Healthcare: A Rapid Evidence Review” (published 14 February 2022), highlights the vast failings in the healthcare systems affecting ethnic minority patients in the country. The review was ordered by the NHS Race and Health Observatory, an independent organisation established in 2020 to investigate inequalities in healthcare. It found what
UK Cancer Patients More Likely to Die Following COVID-19 than European Patients

Research evidence is showing that the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened outcomes for cancer patients. The impact of the pandemic has been enormous and has touched on every part of normal life. It might, indeed, be expected that Covid-19, directly and indirectly, would have a negative impact on outcomes for other illnesses. However, some research has
England Continues to Lag Behind on Cancer Care

A review by the Health Foundation suggests that England has failed to close the gap on the best-performing nations when it comes to cancer care despite 20 years of trying.
Patients face serious delays for crucial NHS tests

A BBC investigation has shown that a growing number of patients are facing long waits for crucial NHS tests.
Breast scan error ‘shortened up to 270 lives’

Up to 270 women in England may have died because they did not receive invitations to a final routine breast cancer screening. This information comes from the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
Worrying delays in diagnosis of prostate cancer

A report by charity Orchid has revealed that four in 10 prostate cancer cases in the UK are diagnosed late.
Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust admit errors in incorrect reporting on Smear Tests

For most women, having a routine smear test can be a worrying time but after receiving the ‘’all clear’’ it is only natural to forget about the test until the next time it creeps round, three years later.

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