Clinical negligence

Doctors fail to give girl vital cancer diagnosis

As medical negligence specialists, Devonshires Claims were shocked to hear about the tragic case of 15-year-old Olivia Maunder, whose doctors failed to make a potentially life-saving cancer diagnosis. Instead, it was suggested she try mindfulness to treat her pain. Olivia’s family have instructed us to bring a cancer misdiagnosis claim against the hospital. The case
Consequences of a heart attack misdiagnosis

To prevent serious illness and lasting complications due to a heart attack misdiagnosis, timely treatment is essential. Symptoms of a heart attack For men, the common signs of a heart attack can include: heart palpitations jaw pain sweating shortness of breath Women may often experience symptoms that feel more like indigestion, with pain in the
Common scaphoid fracture complications

Scaphoid fractures usually result from falls or impacts on an outstretched hand. If left untreated, scaphoid fracture complications can develop. These can cause lasting and serious issues. What is a scaphoid fracture? A scaphoid fracture is a break or crack in the small scaphoid bone located in the wrist. The bone is located at the
What can I claim after a heart attack?

Unfortunately, misdiagnosis or poor care may negatively affect how a patient recovers from a heart attack. If they or their family believe poor treatment resulted in a poor outcome, they may have grounds to raise a medical negligence claim after a heart attack occurs.   Common causes of a heart attack The most common heart
Can an ectopic pregnancy be misdiagnosed?

Unfortunately, not all pregnancies progress according to plan. One possible eventuality is an ectopic pregnancy, during which a fertilised egg implants and begins to develop somewhere other than the uterus. Sadly the embryo cannot be moved to the uterus and therefore it has to be removed, naturally or through medical or surgical means. They can
What is classed as medical negligence?

If you have had an operation, treatment or medical procedure that has gone wrong, or left you worse than you were, you may be wondering whether you have experienced medical negligence. If you have, you may be entitled to compensation.   What does ‘medical negligence’ mean? Medical professionals owe their patients a duty of care.
How often are surgical items left in patients?

Surgical items left in patients after surgery can delay or prevent recovery from the initial procedure, causing an increase in suffering, complications, and the need for further surgery to retrieve the item. How common is it for surgical items to be left in patients? Retention of a surgical item or “foreign object” after a surgical
How do you prove medical negligence?

Undergoing a medical procedure or treatment can be a difficult time. If something goes wrong with your treatment, you may be wondering if you experienced medical negligence and whether there is anything you can do to prove medical negligence occurred. What is medical negligence? Medical negligence occurs when the standard of care you receive from
What is an example of ‘duty of care’?

Healthcare professionals have a duty of care to protect the health, wellbeing, and safety of patients under their medical supervision. No harm should come to a patient through the actions of the professional, and a patient’s rights and dignity must be respected. The definition of ‘duty of care’ in healthcare includes both a person’s actions
Can you sue for infection after a C-section?

Whether your C-section was a planned procedure or an emergency, if you developed an infection as a consequence, it is natural to be concerned, and to want to know what you can do. C-sections and the risk of infection A C-section (Caesarean or Caesarean section) is generally considered to be safe. However, as with any
What happens if a surgical item is left in you?

If you have had surgery, it will take time to recover. You may feel unwell for a while. However, there may be circumstances when you continue feeling unwell as a result of a surgical error. This can happen when a surgeon leaves something inside you, such as a swab. How and when might a surgical
What is a retained swab?

Sometimes, due to human error or clinical negligence, a surgical swab may be left inside the body of a patient after an operation has concluded. An incidence of a retained swab is most likely to occur during a gynaecological or abdominal procedure. While retention of surgical swabs is uncommon, the number of officially reported incidents
Defining clinical negligence

Every patient is owed a duty of care by their doctor, surgeon, or other medical professionals. If this duty of care is not met, and the patient suffers harm as a result, this amounts to clinical negligence. ‘Clinical negligence’ as a concept extends to both mental and physical harm. Exacerbation of an existing condition, as
How long after surgery can you claim?

If you think medical negligence occurred while undergoing surgery, or during the care and treatment received after surgery, you may want to make a claim for compensation. However, the time at which you decide to claim can be important to proceedings. Why would you make a claim after surgery? If you think an aspect of
Sodium valproate and the risk of birth defects

If you are pregnant, trying for a baby or have had a baby, you may have heard warnings of a drug called sodium valproate and the damage it can cause to unborn children. This in-depth look at the issues associated with the medicine discusses the potential risks it poses, and what action you should take

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